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HEAT.U is a new online platform for a variety of professional development opportunities, certification courses and education resourced developed by HARDI.

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By understanding your business needs, HARDI is able to provide exceptional education, training and professional curricula to serve all of your education needs.  Whether it is counter service certification, independent study courses, or programs for executives and managers, HARDI’s ability to provide the groundwork or create a complete program for your company is second to none. 

As part of HARDI’s mission, the Education pillar has always been at the forefront of technology, learning systems and employee development.  HEAT.U was developed to offer the best of HARDI’s education programs and resources in a new streamlined delivery process. 

Some highlights:

  • HARDI’s Independent Study Institute (ISI) is now Independent Study Curriculum (ISC).  The content remains the same; the method of delivery is new.  Courses can now be accessed online as can course testing: handwritten exams are eliminated and receiving same day results become the norm. The method for purchasing has been streamlined by offering companies the option to purchase courses for more than one person.
  • The brand new Branch Manager Certification Program was developed as a position-based curriculum and allows participants to achieve and demonstrate a clear return-on-investment (ROI). 
  • An administration tool Human Resource and Training Managers can be used to track training records and many reports the member company can use to aid in maintaining those records.