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By understanding your business needs, HARDI is able to provide exceptional education, training and professional curricula to serve all of your education needs. With more than 4,000 courses for anyone from executives to warehouse staff, HARDI’s ability to provide the groundwork or create a complete program for your company is second to none. 

Some highlights:

  • Independent Study Curriculum (ISC) is widely known for providing the perfect solution for addressing the professional development needs non-technical staff, such as counter personnel, warehouse staff, inside and outside sales, office and administrative staff. ISC delivers a baseline set of technical knowledge that enables employees to better serve your customers.  The affordable pricing model provides the opportunity for you to extend the training to a large employee population and save money.
  • The brand new Sales Manager Certification Program was developed as a position-based curriculum and allows participants to achieve and demonstrate a clear return-on-investment (ROI). 
  • An administration tool Human Resource and Training Managers can be used to track training records and many reports the member company can use to aid in maintaining those records.